Web App Development

            We always make certain that our products are of the highest quality. Our skilled programmers are knowledgeable in a variety of web technologies and frameworks, as well as industry trends and standards, ensuring that your app is well-structured and cohesive. We keep your company running by ensuring that your site is up and running and that our support staff is monitoring it. mDrift’s development team is well-versed in the most recent technical advances, allowing them to provide clients with high-performing web application platforms. The team provides cost-effective service to provide the traction for your business model to thrive, with development focused on analysis and stringent quality control. Our tailored development proposals are innovative, adaptable, and dependable because we use time-tested and cutting-edge tools such as Python, Django, Javascript, HTML, and many others. Our web application development process follows a disciplined and systematic roadmap to ensure smooth sailing and on-time delivery. The team’s expertise in designing web applications to meet a variety of client goals is backed up by the provision of ongoing support services to ensure the optimal and smooth operation of your project.

Web Design

UI focuses on the visual appeal of the product, such as using the right colors, shapes, and branding to catch the eye. The interaction of the product with the user is the focus of the User Experience. It focuses on where the buttons should be placed, the size of the buttons and product, and making the product more user-friendly. We always associate Web Design with the look and feel of a website. The design determines whether a visitor will browse your website, portfolio, content, or application. We believe that design should be creative and add value. At mDrift, we create visually appealing, responsive designs while keeping the needs of our clients in mind with every creative idea. Our responsive UI designs enable your application or website to be viewed on any device. Our talented designers and developers will bring your website to life, creating a solution that will allow your business to grow while maintaining a user experience.

Progressive Web Application

           Mdrift is one of India’s leading progressive web application companies, specializing in the development of dependable and fast PWAs using a combination of web and mobile technologies. We have a dynamic team of developers who create custom-built progressive web applications by utilizing elite coding practices and cutting-edge web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, among others. We assist customers in harnessing the power of progressive web applications with faster load times in order to achieve a better SEO experience.

Progressive mobile applications can be downloaded to your computer and saved to your home screen, making them open and ‘native-like,’ and unlike web apps, they can be used offline. A Progressive Web Application makes the web as competitive as mobile applications by utilizing the best and most advanced technologies. Progressive Web Apps can be installed and run directly from the user’s home screen, eliminating the need for an app store. You can change the icons on your home screen, the page that loads when you launch the app, the screen orientation, and even whether or not the browser chrome is displayed.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the most recent technology that provides a new way to provide users with an amazing experience. PWAs are fast, dependable, and engaging, providing users with an app-like user experience. It is regarded as the next generation of web and other devices.

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