Data Collection

Daily transactional data from banks and NBFIs are collected into the system via Financial Institute portal. User accounts and special workflows are implemented in the system for financial institutes to ensure data accuracy and legal compliance.

Compliance Validation

Application validates all uploaded transactional data with extensive rules customisable by FIC admins. Validation rules are configurable for specific report types such as Cash Transaction Report (CTRs), Electronic Transaction Report (ETR), Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) etc.

Link Analysis

Analysts at FICs can search for transactions within the system and link analysis the cash flow between multiple persons and accounts for investigative process. Link analysis is based on pattern recognition and smart transactional modeling of gross cash flow.

Statistical Reporting

Platform provides extensive reporting on activities in the system and business intelligence based on transactional data. Report types include employee logs, Financial Institute performance, Document statistics and preconfigured national transactional reporting.

Behaviour Detection

Rule based transactional modelling to identify customer behaviour and classification. A custom scoring system provides analysts with critical information on various user characters


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