Real time Location Tracking

The primary challenge of the application was to track the location of the user and then processing this information with server as efficiently and effectively as possible. We had to ensure minimal battery drainage, network consumption and GPS service usage to ensure that users would use the application without any concerns

Persistent Location Service

Another main challenge was running a persistent location service across multiple brands and handsets. Most android devices monitor and kill services that are consuming persistent network and GPS feeds and the implementation of the same varied across devices. We had to engineer the application’s service to abide by operating system rule and be non intrusive to users while operating. In cases where the service is killed off, application and service is intelligent enough to restart the request.

High spatial resolution

We also had to achieve very high levels of accuracy in determining between Points of Interest as businesses are usually registered close to each other and need location accuracy in terms of less than 5 meter to achieve required clarity.

Intelligent Triggers

Intelligent notification system that is capable of learning from past user’s feedback to improve the accuracy of location based notification trigger.


Anti Money Laundering platform for Central Banks and FICS