Multi Tier Partner Management

Application enables the central ISP to create, manage and serve its multi layer distribution network. Various users are present in the system according to various functions and hierarchy within the system

Subscriber Management

Application manages the entire lifecycle of an end-user acquired by the ISP. A subscriber’s recharges, plan changes, static IP allocation, auto login configurations, issue tracking and resolution etc are handled through various workflows within the application.

Billing Management

Application also manages the billing, payment collection and revenue share functionalities for the ISP network. From billing and account management of individual subscribers to managing the overall ledger for the parent company, the application is designed to handle the entire billing system with multiple integrations into third party applications and services used by Kerala Vision.

Self-Service portal

Subscribers have their own self service portal and mobile application to not only monitor their account but also configure their plans, accounts and subscriptions of their choice.

Extensive Role and Permission management

Highly configurable and secure role and permission management system is implemented in the application to enable the admin to create users with specific access into the system without any technical modification or interventions.

Payment Gateway

Multiple payment gateway providers are integrated into the system to facilitate easy purchase and checkout for the customers while providing the necessary reporting and financial management tools for the management.

Automated Workflows

mDrift has automated most of the processes in the system, enabling the client to operate the network with minimal staff. Workflows such as revenue share, recharges, plan-changes, billing, issue resolution, account deactivation due to unauthorised activities etc are performed by the system automatically. Admin interventions are carefully designed to be crucial to monitoring and maintaining the system while being non-intrusive to provide the best experience to end-users.


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