Custom navigation design

8Sidor website had to be designed primarily for use by people with disabilities and hence navigation of the website was of primary concern from the get go. mDrift designed and implemented various tools such as JavaScript based on-screen readouts, automatically video subtitling, navigational callouts, automatic alt name generators for images in articles etc.

Custom Search

Due to expected lack of tech savviness of target user group and high categorization of news in the website, search logic was custom built from scratch to search for and present results using ranking on readability and importance.


Migrating & merging legacy content

Original 8Sidor website & its political news section ‘Alla Valjare’ was built on separate platforms Umbraco & WordPress respectively. mDrift migrated & merged both websites and ran custom scripting to identify and remove duplicate content published on both website.

Large Database

When both the clients websites were merged together, the database resulted in a combined size not suitable for WordPress Content Management System preferred by the client. We did extensive optimization on WordPress core as well as frontend JavaScript to make the website nimble and responsive.


Music Editing Hardware and Software Platform