Propellerheads, a swedish music company, offers software and hardware products for music editing, playback etc. mDrift worked very closely with Propellerheads technical team to design and develop a new look and feel to their online business while making sure their existing services are well integrated into the platform so as to minimise the impact on day to day company operations.

Q-Aid is a product aimed at reducing wait time at clinics and enable customers to book appointments and arrive at clinics precisely for their appointment. mDrift consulted the entire development and implementation of the application.

As the primary aim of the application was to reduce wait time at clinic, application had to efficiently calculate processing times at clinics for each token and balance the commute time from user’s current location to clinic.

Khoon engineering Pte Ltd from Singapore needed an application to digitise the QA/QC of building constructions undertaken for seamless coordination and quicker issue closure. Application had to have excellent geo-positioning capabilities including built in compass functionalities to map and navigate a large construction project. Application had to handle most of the functionalities locally on mobile due to expected lack of connectivity in development areas is a Swedish news portal that seeks to serve people with visual and auditory disabilities. mDrift implemented special tools and features into the website to ensure that everybody could navigate the website and consume news articles to stay updated on current events and other reported content. 8Sidor news agency was later then acquired by Swedish government due to its much revered service to their citizens with disabilities.

Metis Subscriber Management System (SMS) and billing platform was developed for the largest broadband and cable TV distribution network of South India, Kerala Vision. Platform provided unique facilities to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as multi level partner system management, modular billing, marketing and promotional campaign management modules etc

Life Church Missions organisation wanted to distribute videos of preachings, seminars and other classes via digital platform that their followers could then use to consume the content, comment and interact with other users on the platform.

The organisation had a large library of audio and video recordings compiled over the last few years that had to be organised, labelled and made available for online consumption. Since most of the files were distributed across various platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Youku etc, application had to have multiple integrations while preserving user experience

Mobile and web application designed to make reward and customer retention programs a cloud based service that businesses can sign up for. Application worked by tracking user’s location to trigger Points of Interests such as businesses, trail points, touristic sites etc. Businesses could signup and register themselves to offer customer retention and loyalty services such as rewards and special promotions.

RapidDev is a project management application aimed at software companies using high volume agile project management processes. RapidDev integrated all the operation requirements of a company such a project planning, error reporting & CRM into a single package that integrated with each other for state of the art reporting on company status and project financials.

ROCXIA is a geological subsurface visualization tool used in analysis and discovery of oil and other rare elements. Development based on core C++ and visualizations powered by OpenGL stack let mDrift develop a high performance application that is also efficient in system resource utilization. Along with a web based project management application built on Python Django, administrators could remotely employee and manages personnel and operate a subsurface analysis team.

Ziggy Creative Colony is one of Scandinavia’s leading image consultancy companies. mDrift worked with Ziggy to develop their concept website showcasing the design and UX style and vision of the company.

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