Project Details

Life Church Missions organisation wanted to distribute videos of preachings, seminars and other classes via digital platform that their followers could then use to consume the content, comment and interact with other users on the platform.

The organisation had a large library of audio and video recordings compiled over the last few years that had to be organised, labelled and made available for online consumption. Since most of the files were distributed across various platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Youku etc, application had to have multiple integrations while preserving user experience.

iOS and Android applications for end users to consume content. Robust content management platform for admins to publish content irrespective of whether they are hosted on a third party platform or on application server. Labelling and index preparation of client’s content including tags for optimised search


3 Months


Android, iOS, Web (Python)


Web and mobile applications, custom image processing, storage management solutions

Custom Video Player

Custom video player that could continue with audio when screen is locked with additional functionalities such as playback speed control, resume capabilities etc

Forum Commenting

Users could chat on the platform and discuss on topics and video. This promoted community interaction and increased app run time

Donations & Secured Payment Gateway

Application had payment gateway integration for accepting donations from users.

Key Features Developed

Offline Playback

Users could download video and audio files for offline consumption. The files were encrypted and stored on local devices to avoid misuse.

Integration to Third Party Service

Application integrated with various video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo & Youku to provide admins and users with a seamless experience while publishing and consuming content

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