Scandinavia’s leading image consultancy

Scandinavia’s leading image consultancy

Project Details

Ziggy Creative Colony is one of Scandinavia’s leading image consultancy companies. mDrift worked with Ziggy to develop their concept website showcasing the design and UX style and vision of the company.


3 Months


Custom WordPress


custom WordPress website, mobile dedicated pages for specific mobile devices, multilingual options for different geographic areas

In-depth Consulting Sessions

Extensive design consultation sessions were conducted with the client to develop the final website as a cutting edge showcase of what technology and intelligent design can achieve.

Custom CMS

mDrift developed a custom CMS on python to adhere to the special design requirements of the website. Application could alter design, stricture and navigational features of the page based on content. Included in the system was SEO, to help achieve Google’s first page SERPs.

Key Features Developed

Responsive Design

Website is capable of scaling across various devices and providing the best interaction and UX for the particular device. Interactions were custom designed JavaScript to work across devices.

Multilingual Options

Website supported multiple languages for serving users across various geographies. Automatic translation mechanisms were implemented for quicker content generation

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