A Powerful Project Management Application

A Powerful Project Management Application

Project Details

RapidDev is a project management application aimed at software companies using high-volume agile project management processes. RapidDev integrated all the operational requirements of a company such s project planning, error reporting & CRM into a single package that integrated with each other for state-of-the-art reporting on company status and project financials.


4 Months


Python Django


SaaS architecture for a high performance application, high volume data analytics, mobile responsive

Gantt Chart Interface

A gantt chart based interface is developed for users to plan the project across various resources, teams, geographies etc. The UI was designed to work with the latest HTML5 capabilities of the browser requiring less processing power for huge data sets.

Bug Reporting

Application provides in system functionalities for reporting and tracking bugs in the project.

Key Features Developed

BI & Reporting

Extensive reporting is provided on the projects and task status with more analysis and prediction available on query. Project performance reporting and prediction tools based on Monte Carlo Simulations for analysing the current status of each project.

Extensive User and Role Management

Application provides extensive user and permission management to customise the application to each company’s structure and processes.

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