Time management with Q-aid Appointment system

Time management with Q-aid Appointment system

Project Details

Q-Aid is a product aimed at reducing wait time at clinics and enable customers to book appointments and arrive at clinics precisely for their appointment. mDrift consulted the entire development and implementation of the application.

As the primary aim of the application was to reduce wait time at clinic, application had to efficiently calculate processing times at clinics for each token and balance the commute time from user’s current location to clinic.


3 Months


Android, iOS, web (both native apps), data management


custom web and mobile app, patient application, clinic application, queue management, route management

Clinic Queue Management

Clinic application deployed at partner clinics enabled them to manage their patient queue electronically and provided reporting options for better insights into the business.

Custom Notification Triggers

Users can choose to get notified right on time to start travelling or for any earlier time.

Key Features Developed

Clinic Discovery and Rating

Application also provided end customers to browse various clinics in the region and read reviews about them. This provided users with live token count, expected wait time etc

Custom Functionality

A custom algorithm for efficiently calculating the time user has to start travelling to the clinic. This was done dynamically based on token completion at clinics. Implemented machine learning algorithms to better predict wait time per token at each registered clinic, increasing the accuracy of notifications sent to end users for travelling to the clinic

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