Music Editing Hardware and Software Platform

Music Editing Hardware and Software Platform

Project Details

Propellerhead, a swedish music company, offers software and hardware products for music editing, playback etc. mDrift worked very closely with Propellerheads technical team to design and develop a new look and feel to their online business while making sure their existing services are well integrated into the platform so as to minimise the impact on day to day company operations.


4 Months


Web application, Mobile Application, Enterprise Integrations


Business process consulting; User experience design; Application Development; Partner Training Programs, Deployment and Support

Hardware and Software based product sales

User experience on the website was designed to be consistent across purchase of software and hardware products. A visitor should feel comfortable about purchasing an online subscription and go right to ordering an equipment to home and providing the shipping details.

Client Customizability

Since the application was custom built on Python and client already had a technical team managing their product and environment, one of the targets from initial days was the code to be highly modular and configurable. This allowed client’s technical team to re-organise content and functionalities on the website without external help. Custom development on python was chosen as no existing CMS could cater to the client’s specific requirements and integrations.

Key Features Developed

Custom inline music player

Specially designed custom music player was developed to integrate into client’s existing proprietary content distribution platform. This allowed the visitors on the website to play and hear music without external player load or wait times.

Enterprise Integration

Integrated into multiple existing services, systems and third party services subscribed to by client to make the new web experience as simple to transition onto for both customers and internal team.

Custom Blog Module

Custom blog module was developed for admin with capabilities such as automatic content validations, publisher management, user rewards module etc.

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