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During the past 5 years mDrift has developed a variety of products ranging from simple website and branding to complex enterprise integrations. This experience gives us the advantage to look at problems and suggest unique insights and solutions.

Our Strength

Analysis, problem-solving, strategy, design, development & optimisation are our strengths. Our dedication and commitment to develop a long lasting product with intuitive user experience makes us a great partner for successful product development.


We work very closely with our customers to share the progress early and often to successfully develop a product that they always required and deserved.

Partner Ecosystem

Over the years, mDrift has developed very close relationship with a number of universities and institutions to bring in industry specialists and academicians to help guide a product development. This ensures that the product is enriched with experience no one firm can offer.

Our Process

First Date

Get in touch with a brief description of yourself and your requirement.


We work very closely with your stakeholders to understand the requirement & problem statement.


We will provide you an accurate idea of how long the project should take and what will be required from your end for completing this ride.


We will present a detailed proposal with emphasis on the deliverables from our end and the team that will be formed to work with you to realise this product.


Milestones and roadmap will be set out to make sure the project stays on target. It is on us to ensure this is adhered to, even if it means being a little intrusive.


Our team will share the developmental progress frequently and work with you to modify the deliverables if necessary. Nothing is written in stone, our aim is only to develop the best product.


Release a complete product, a beta version or even a prototype for your team or customers to use and experience. We will take care of the entire process and infrastructure to achieve this.


From our experience, feedback from users of the system mould the final product and provide the polishing touches it requires. Last minute changes is never a bad thing.


It comes without saying that we will take care of you and your product through out the lifecycle. We love seeing the products we developed grow and thrive.

Core Team

  • Manoj Kallil

    MD & CEO
  • Vivek Elayidom

  • Salil Varma

  • Sijil P V

  • Abdul Samad

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