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mDrift developed the website and CMS of one of the leading design & digital agencies of Scandinavia, Ziggy

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mDrift was tasked with website development of one of the leading design agencies in Scandinavia. The website designed by the client imposed highly demanding navigation and interaction capabilities with the user to demonstrate the design and development capabilities of the company. The website was built on WordPress since the administrators in the design company was already comfortable with the platform and wanted to continue with the same team.


    1. Responsive development: The website primarily had a grid based design, and the grid had to be squares at all screen resolutions even while resizing the browser window. In house developed algorithms were required to perfect the solution using pure JavaScript and jQuery. Also, the dimensions of the grid blocks were content aware and if the content quantity was more than the threshold, the dimensions of the grid block had to be changed.
    2. WordPress customization: The only unaltered design aspect throughout the website was the grid blocks and structure it used. The website administrator could determine the content distribution easily and even reorder it with the ease of drag-and-drop. This extremely flexible content management was achieved by the use of extensive WordPress modification.
    3. Content aware grids: The dimensions of the grid blocks were content aware. If the content quantity was more than the threshold, the dimensions of the grid block had to be changed and this was achieved using JS. Since the dimensions of the grid blocks had to be calculated dynamically (to keep the ratios of the block), jQuery scripts were used for responsiveness in addition to the usual media queries.
    4. Scroll:  Client required the navigation to work the same across device or navigational direction. mDrift developed custom JavaScript libraries to cover all the requirements  of Horizontal scroll, trackpad, mouse scroll, swipe and keyboard events. In addition, horizontal scrolling had to be disabled for the mobile view and natural scrolling had to be applied with entirely different action of tiles if viewed on mobile.
    5. Multilingual Support: The user base of the website is composed of both English and Swedish speaking people. The site was designed to support both languages and switching between the two was as easy as flicking a switch. Content, images and alt-texts were modified instantly without user having to intervene every time.


mDrift continues to support the website for Ziggy while also working for Ziggy to develop other websites and applications they design for their clients

About the client

Ziggy Creative Colony

Ziggy Creative Colony is an international digital innovation agency set on helping businesses realize their full potential through world leading customer experiences www.helloziggy.com

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